Hi, I’m Kimber and I own Water Bear Photography! A bit about me: I’m originally from Ohio, completed my first degree in Texas (Gig’em Aggies!), and my second in Florida (Go Gators!). While in Texas, I fell in love with my husband, Will. We love traveling and have been all over the world together! In fact, we moved to Florida because of our love of cave diving. I feel that it’s come full circle now that my specialty is in underwater sessions at the springs I love so much!

I was working as a nurse when we got pregnant with our miracle baby two years ago. Due to debilitating postpartum anxiety, I left my job as a nurse and started my dream job as a stay at home mom. It’s on my heart to speak openly of my battles, in the hopes that I can encourage other struggling moms. While on the long road to healing, I fell in love with photography and used every spare second when our baby was napping to practice. Now, I’m nearly full time on the evenings and weekends, but still get to spend the weekdays home with my little guy!

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My husband often attends shoots with me and is teaching himself videography. This business never would have gotten off the ground without his unfailing love and support. Our son continues to be my muse and I run this business with him in mind. Will and I are also in the adoption process and have been waiting to be matched for 2.5 years now.

Here at Water Bear Photography, we believe in love. We hope that you love working with us as much as we do working with you!