Haile Plantation Hall Wedding [Gainesville, FL]

Planning a wedding isn't easy. Trying to plan a wedding with a 1-year-old is difficult. Trying to plan a wedding with a 1-year-old while pregnant is nearly impossible. However, planning a wedding with a 2-year-old and a newborn is something…
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12 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Right now, I’m re-editing (with photographer permission) a wedding to create an album. The majority of these images are dark, grainy, and out of focus. Out of 1700 images, I was able to salvage 150. How does this happen? My client thought…

Gainesville Garden Club Wedding | Water Bear Photography

The Gainesville Garden Club is nestled on six acres of lush landscape, and it might be on your list of locations to check out if your ideal wedding venue is a garden. Located just west of the Oaks Mall, the Gainesville Garden Club is a centrally-located…
thomas center wedding review
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Thomas Center Wedding | Gainesville, FL

The Thomas Center is located in Gainesville, FL, and it is the perfect location to have a wedding. The Thomas Center is historic and the vast gardens make it one of the best places to hold an intimate or large wedding ceremony. The reception…
Alachua Wedding Elopement Gainesville Florida
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Downtown Alachua Elopement

This elopement took place during a cold snap that we had this winter in downtown Alachua. Despite the chill, we got some lovely images and Sarah, the bride, was absolutely breathtaking! She made most of the decor- including her flowers- herself.…
Family Photos Thomas Center Gainesville Florida

Our Journey as a Family

I'll be honest, before I had a child of my own, extended breastfeeding pictures made me uncomfortable. I used to think that a nursing relationship past 1 year of age was just strange and unnecessary. Thankfully, there's a shift occurring in…
Rustic wedding exit at C Bar Ranch

Gainesville Wedding Photographers - Water Bear Photography

So you’re getting married? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have to start the planning process and sort through the mountain of Gainesville wedding vendors. How do you even know where to start? Getting Started with Your Gainesville, FL Wedding…
Bride and Groom Outdoor Wedding

Constance & Paul's Wedding

I first met Constance at the gym in hip hop class...she was graceful and coordinated (I was not). A few months later we reconnected when she became engaged and she asked me to capture her big day! She and Paul are two of the most laid-back people…

Sam's Story- Loss & Love

Sometimes I meet people who have one of those stories that just stops you in your tracks. One that makes you marvel at their strength, mourn for people you've never met, and rejoice when love wins. This is one of those stories. I asked Sam (the…