The Gainesville Garden Club is nestled on six acres of lush landscape, and it might be on your list of locations to check out if your ideal wedding venue is a garden. Located just west of the Oaks Mall, the Gainesville Garden Club is a centrally-located wedding and reception venue. The Gainesville Garden Club reception hall has a capacity of 125 people, and this hall offers views of the beautiful gardens through floor-to-ceiling windows. In an effort to enhance city spaces, a group of women established the Gainesville Garden Club in 1924, and the gardens continue to flourish to this day.

With any venue, there will be some pros and cons to consider, and I’ve added some of the most important ones below the photos.

Gainesville Garden Club Wedding Photographs

gainesville garden club wedding bride groom
The lush landscape is perfect for wedding photos.


gainesville garden club wedding ceremony
The ceremony set up in the gardens accommodates up to 125 people.


gainesville garden center wedding
This couple decorated the gardens with red and white flowers.


gainesville garden club reception
The stage within the main reception hall can be set up for cake cutting.


gainesville garden club cake
This couple used uplighting and fabric within the main reception hall to give it an elegant feeling.


gainesville garden club photo
There are lots of gorgeous backdrops to use for your wedding photographs.


Gainesville Garden Club Wedding Considerations


  • The grounds are beautiful and much of the area has mature oak trees
  • There is plenty of parking for all of your guests
  • This venue allows you to bring wedding vendors of your choice & there aren’t a lot of specific rules you must follow (some venues do not allow candles or require you to use the house caterer, etc.)


  • The interior and exterior of the buildings lack character and charm
  • There isn’t a dedicated well-lit area for bridal parties to get ready, so if these pictures are a must-have for your wedding day, consider booking a room at a hotel or bed and breakfast nearby that has generous window light
  • You may have to supply a lot of flowers or d├ęcor in order to make the venue feel formal and elegant

If you’re set on a garden venue, you may also want to check out this article on Thomas Center weddings. The Thomas Center is also a historical location with beautiful gardens and buildings.

How Much Does it Cost to Book a Gainesville Garden Club Wedding?

At the time of booking, couples must provide a deposit. After that, your balance and refundable security deposit are due 60 days prior to your wedding date. To learn more, please visit the Gainesville Garden Club.

Where is the Gainesville Garden Club Located?

You can visit the Gainesville Garden Club at 1350 NW 75 Street Gainesville, FL 32605.

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