So you’re getting married? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have to start the planning process and sort through the mountain of Gainesville wedding vendors. How do you even know where to start?

Getting Started with Your Gainesville, FL Wedding Plans

My advice: think about your vision for your big day in a general way. Got it? Maybe you know you like a crisp, modern feel. Or perhaps you’re a fan of a more rustic touch. Ok, now start visiting venues and interviewing photographers that seem to fall in line with what you’re dreaming of. One good vendor can usually give you a list of others to look into, especially if you’re looking for a certain style. I LOVE referring other local vendors that I know will work their tails off to make your big day magical. Gainesville is such a special place that even the wedding photographers (or “competition”) often collaborate, hire each other as second photographers, and even refer each other if there is a scheduling conflict or difference in style preferences.

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About Water Bear Photography Studio

So somehow, along the way, you found me! Yay! You probably reached out via email, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram. In my typical, can’t-let-messages-sit sorta way, I probably responded fairly quickly asking you for a phone date. Yup, I’m THAT person. I know that nobody likes chatting on the phone anymore, but I still ask you to do it. Why? It’s more personal, it allows you to ask questions, it gives me a chance to show you what else I bring to the table, it lets me learn about you and your big day, and the list goes on. On our phone date, we’ll cover the basics (dates, times, expectations, etc.), I’ll share a bit more about my process and beliefs about wedding photography, and you’ll tell me your vision for your big day. After this conversation, you should have a pretty good idea if we’re a good creative match or not.

How Booking Works

So are we booked yet? No, not quite. With the exception of my destination brides, it’s my goal to meet you at least 3 times before your big day. Before you wonder if I have anything else better to do and why I drag these poor couples out this many times, hear me out. Every time we meet, it is a chance to get to know each other. It helps open lines of communication, set expectations, and develop a comfortable rapport that will be invaluable on your big day. It gives us a chance to meet face-to-face, lay out pricing, discuss the contract and “best sides”, and everything in between. At our first in-person meeting, I hope that we can sit down over coffee and have a relaxed talk about your big day. I’ll bring gorgeous studio samples for you to touch and feel. I’ll bring a contract to review together. I’ll even bring a Starbucks card so that we can be well caffeinated. Then, if you want to move forward, we sign a contract, the deposit is paid, and your wedding is BOOKED. Oh, and I did I mention that we’ll plan out your engagement photos?

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Engagement Photographs

With every wedding, I include engagement photos. It’s just another way for your clingy photographer to spend time with you…kidding, mostly. It gives me insight into what you like, what you don’t, and it’s always a good time. I’m so happy to custom-design an engagement session just for you! This is a fun and laid back way to “practice” your photos for your nuptials. Want the beach? Ok. Underwater? Sure thing. Rustic? I can do that. Downtown? Fun! This is about you and your fiance. I’ll be there to make you laugh, dance, cuddle, and occasionally wonder if I’m going to get myself run over.

After your session, we’ll meet for more coffee (see a pattern here yet?) to look over the images. I’ll fully edit and stylize your favorite ones and you can use your print credit to get them printed prior to your big day (or save the credit for after the wedding – your call!). You’ll give me feedback on favorite poses and angles. We’ll discuss your shot list, other vendors, and itinerary for your wedding. I’ll deliver your images and then I’ll next see you on your wedding day (finally, right?).

Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, my team (typically me, my handsome assistant/husband, and another photographer) will hustle hard. We’ll be there to help move the day along, calm nerves, grab extra bobby pins, stage shots, and even have tissues and other little things readily on hand. My assistant will keep track of the itinerary, shot list, toss your gown/veil, fix hair, etc. while the other photographer and I are capturing your event from as many angles as possible. We’ll help ensure that this truly is a fun and low-stress day for you!

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After Your Wedding Day

After the wedding, we’ll sit down one more time (I promise – then you’re free of me). We’ll sip some coffee and look through your images on your lovely new wood USB drive. Once you declare that you’re thrilled beyond belief, you’ll have the chance to have me help you design some wall art or albums. I’ll take those selected images back into Photoshop and will make them flawless – eyes, skin, hair, you name it. You’ll proof it, order, and then I’ll pop in one more time to hand deliver your beautiful artwork. Hopefully, by that time you’ll see me more as a friend than a nuisance, and we’ll have a great time re-living your big day together. Maybe we’ll even share another cup of coffee…

Thank you for reading, and, if you’re a bride, even considering to entrust this huge honor to me. Please know that I don’t take it lightly. Thank you to those who have let me be a small part of their love story.


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