Planning a wedding isn’t easy. Trying to plan a wedding with a 1-year-old is difficult. Trying to plan a wedding with a 1-year-old while pregnant is nearly impossible. However, planning a wedding with a 2-year-old and a newborn is something that only an absolutely insane person would attempt.

Hi, my name is Katherine, and I am the crazy sleep-deprived mom who did all of these things.

My best piece of advice is to delegate. I don’t even come close to being a super mom and I would not have been able to do this by myself.
Everything came together once I realized I wasn’t alone
– and I’m not talking about the toddler attached to my leg or infant latched to my boob.

Thank goodness for amazing family, friends, vendors and most of all, my soon-to-be husband. I can honestly say he planned more than 50% of our wedding. I ended up in more of a supervisory position, making sure he knew what was and was not important to me and providing the information he needed to complete the task. We realized early on that we couldn’t do everything ourselves but we have talented family and friends who were happy to help. My mom made my kid’s outfits and other ceremony and reception accessories, a friend designed our invitations, a co-worker was our DJ. My sister was a fabulous replacement for a day of coordinator and one of our best friends performed our ceremony. His sister even did the makeup for the entire bridal party!

And when we didn’t have a talented friend for something, we reached out to our talented vendors. After all, they are the experts. They do this for a living! Kimber with Water Bear Photography listened to what was important to us, had so much amazing advice and some how, she accomplished the impossible. She captured BEAUTIFUL images of all four of us. Together. Best of all, we ended up gaining another talented friend and a life-long family photographer.

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