Hand-Painted Canvas Backdrop Review: Clot Studio #61

When Clot Studio reached out and asked me to review their hand-painted canvas backdrop, I jumped at the opportunity! I’ve dreamed of adding a custom painted backdrop to our studio for years! These backdrops are completely custom one-of-a-kind works of art. Each one hand-painted and offered in a variety of sizes including custom sizing. The Clot Studio #61 in an Abstract Warm Brown is constructed of thick canvas, several layers of paint, and mounted on a wooden bar perfect for easy hanging and rolling. Check out their website to see the hundreds of backdrop options they offer and to see their current promotions!

Canvas backdrops are perfect for those fine art portraits. We used our new backdrop to create these stunning vanitas style portraits! The mood this backdrop added to created the perfect setting for a vanitas, or gothic fine art portrait. Using a high quality backdrop can help reducing editing time by adding textures in the image we would usually add in post!

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