Happy Fall everyone! It’s that time of the year again where the weather is starting to cool down, pumpkin spice lattes are making an appearance and fall scents and flavors are stocking up the shelves. Since the weather is starting to cool down, the autumn season also means that it’s time to book your fall family sessions! This is the perfect time to update your family portraits to hang across your home. Below are some tips on how to prepare for your upcoming fall family portrait session: 

  1. Dress mom first, then style the family around her. Find something that makes mom feel beautiful and coordinate your family around that outfit. If mom is wearing a yellow dress, then dad can be in a white button-down and khakis while your children wear yellow shoes! 
  2. Think about the goals for your shoot. If you’re looking to put a photo on your wall, dress in the colors that will compliment your home. Who doesn’t love a home where everything is coordinated and matching? 
  3. Incorporate your personality and even your culture! If there are things that are important to you as a family, implement those in your photos to make them unique and individually catered to you. I had a family bring a change of clothes to traditional Chinese clothing because it was a part of their culture! 
  4. Bring non-staining snacks for your little ones. Nothing’s worse than eating food and accidentally staining your clothes for your portraits! Also, if you have a family that consists of small children, these snacks can be used as an incentive. Incentives for after the session can also be beneficial. The promise of ice cream can go a long way. 
  5. Keep it moving. I like keeping it fast-paced and upbeat to keep kids entertained and engaged. For example, bringing a bubble machine or telling them to run towards the camera will not only make the photoshoot easier, but also fun!  
  6. Pre-plan! Plan coordinating outfits, location and the style that you want for your photos. You can’t know what you’re going to get if you don’t plan first! 
  7. Lastly, and most importantly, be yourself! Embrace your uniqueness and what makes your family special. I love when families are focusing on enjoying the time with their loved ones instead of the perfect pose. It’s photos like those that capture the true essence on what makes your family special. 

We hope that these tips will help your family sessions be fun and enjoyable and that you’ll be able to create long-lasting memories!

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