Limited Edition: Angel Wings Boudoir Sessions

I think anyone who has done a boudoir session will tell you that it’s a strange mix of vulnerability and confidence. It requires both strength and softness. Boudoir is a study in contrast of the many different sides there are to a woman. 

When I design these sessions, I want to create art. More than just a sexy picture, I want to create a story. Part of the way we do that is by introducing new elements. This year, my good friend and I decided to craft our own angel wings. We found a supplier who sources high quality feathers ethically and then spent about a week of our life hand-stitching these things together! For other photographers asking, I will release a tutorial soon!

We designed the shape to flow around a woman’s body, curved the feathers to contour around curves, and made them flexible for lots of posing options. These delicate, wispy ostrich feathers provide beautiful contrast next to skin. I love the texture they add to the image and how they boost my clients’ confidence!

February 7-9th we’ll be hosting Limited Edition Angel Wing Sessions at our studio in Jonesville, FL. 

Sessions are $350 and include a 1 hour shoot (time for 1 outfit with and without wings). At the end of your session, you’ll select your favorite two digital images for me to hand-edit and return to you prior to Valentine’s Day! Options to upgrade gallery and to add hair and makeup artistry are available. 

Please call the studio at (352) 641-0644 for more info or to book one of our remaining spaces.

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