Here at WBP, we firmly believe that photography is a calling and not just a job. As such, we take on a certain number of “passion projects” each year that we do not charge for. These range from working with local charities, small businesses, disadvantaged families, or simply an “out of the box” idea that we’d like to try.

Our “Dairytales” shoots are fairytales that Kimber has re-imagined using moms and their little ones. The purpose of these images is to show that our children can be our happily ever after and to promote maternal/infant bonding. Models are selected for these images based on their connection with the story and their commitment to the project. So far, we’ve recreated: Red Riding Hood (Kimber & X), Snow White (Victoria & T), and Tiger Lily & her lost boy (Isabella & L). Please check out some of the images below. If you would like to be a part of this project, please message us today!


The most recent charity we’ve worked with is a local nonprofit called Created Gainesville. These women work tirelessly to aid sex-trafficking victims right here in Florida. You can learn more about them and how to get involved at: http://www.createdgainesville.com/